Old Fortress

You will enter the Old Fortress to obtain the Ice Spell. The location of Old Fortress is revealed outside the Cavern of Fire in Gillfolk’s Drop.

Island Challenge
Wizard: Wield the power of all 5 spells
50 Diamond

Old Enemy: Retire 100 Direfolk
100 Diamond

Fast Blade: Perform 10 successful combo attacks.
25 Diamond.

Heart Pieces
Obtained after you leave the Direfolk’s base after you receive the Ice Spell. The location on the bridge to the north east of the stage.

This island has three bloodstones.
1. Outside the fortress before you open the first lock.
2. Inside the fortress next to a boat.
3. Outside the fortress after you receive the Ice Spell.

This stage is pretty straight forward. Go in, kill all the Direfolks, grab the loots and the Ice Spell. You are now ready to get back to the Cavern of Fire.

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