Riptide Reef

After you get the trencher boot, you can now beat Riptide Reef without any problems. Although you can manage to swim from beach to beach with it, it is highly recommended for you to avoid it because you may end up being stuck.

Island Challenge:
Tough as a boot: Break a crate with Trencher Boots
25 Diamond

Crimson Collector: Collect Bloodstones from all over the world.
1000 Diamond

Drown for Swimming: Drown an enemy by getting it into the water.
50 Diamond

Heart Piece
You can get the heart piece from the treasure chest at the end of the island. It’s hard to miss it.

The first portion before the double dueling statues have two bloodstones before, they are hard to miss.

First Visit
Again, you should only visit the Riptide Reef after you have obtained the trencher boots from the Frozen Palace. The trencher boots allow you to jump from edge to edge. Without it, you are highly likely to stuck and have a really hard time to swim back out the island.

For the puzzle where you have to two statues where you have to push them into a duel. Push the moveable box from all the way on top of the cliff. Push it down. Note that you will have to time and place your explosives to make it work.

If you are stuck, try to swim to other beaches as it will work.

Place the bomb at the tombstone once you open the door to blow up hidden passages. You will then obtain the Master Key.


Riptide Reef — 2 Comments

  1. I finished the great forest even the sky island, but I am missing the location of riptide reef. Maybe I forgot to talk to rigger when finishing great forest. What can I do?

  2. I don’t get it. I still can not get on the things head and pull out the saber!! I watched video helps that show h simply walk up to the creature and it automatically pops u on its head where h pull out the saber– does not work for me!!!!!

    Any help??? Please!

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