Arcadian Ruins

Welcome to the final chapter of the Oceanhorn saga.

Oceanhorn Fighting Tips
If you are having trouble defeating the final boss. Use the following battle pointers:

Make sure you have obtained Cure Spell from the Graveyard.
Get as much Heart Pieces as you can.
Obtain the Coral Saber from Riptide Reef.

Phase 1:
Your goal is to either use shield or arrow to break down its leg. While the leg is down, get to him and slash the blue eyes. When both blue eyes are destroyed, Oceanhorn falls down and reveal its weakness. If you do not destroy the blue eyes, Oceanhorn will pretty much infinite heal itself.

Note that there is a short timing between Oceanhorn getting up where you can break the leg again, grab that timing if you can if needed. Note that second stage Oceanhorn will toss 3 bombs when its health is low, there isn’t much for you to do other than battling it out.

You will get a auto save point after Phase 1 is dead, so use every thing that you got against it. However, you will be sent to phase 2 immediately after you defeat phase 1. If you die in phase 2, you will not have to fight from the beginning all over again.

Phase 2:
During Phase 2, you will have to set off the blue pillar to electrocute Oceanhorn once. Now, be very careful where the lightning bolts are coming and going, since the electricity can one shot kill you.

You can ignore the spawns unless they get in your way. After Oceanhorn has been electrocuted once, mesmeroth will come out by possessing a Dark Disciple against you. The battle with this is the same as the last time, however, you will actually have an easier fight because your sword now yields much more damage. However, make sure you deal your final blow against Dark Disciple as far away from Oceanhorn as possible.

After defeating the Dark Disciple, it’s going to run back to Oceanhorn. This is your chance to use the flute. When the flute has been used before Dark Disciple gets back to the Oceanhorn, you will win the final boss fight immediately. Now enjoy your hard work or go for 100% completion!


Arcadian Ruins — 6 Comments

  1. Cannot complete Arcadia Ruins because when swimming to the far right island I am instantly killed when reaching the steps. This is all I have to complete the game. Also… Is there anything in the future for Oceanhorn? Another quest or two would be awesome. I really enjoyed the Island of Whispers side quest and cannot brag enough about it to others.

    • I had the same problem. Accidentally, I discovered you could trencher boot “jump & dive” at the same time, giving you a much needed head start distance in the water. Makes it real easy now.

    • I know i am way late for this post but , if u use ur boots ” by that in mean the evasive roll just before u hit the water you r halve there before u start swimming

  2. I found the end to be a little… Anti-climactic, like it had you on the edge of your seat and then yea.. I would like to see the game expanded myself or even a second one..

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