Graveyard Island

The main purpose of this island is to obtain the Cure Spell.

Island Challenge
Hat Trick: Kill three enemies with a single sword blow.
25 diamond.

Train Wreck: Kill an enemy by pushing a crate.
50 Diamond

Still Going: Smash 50 skeletons to pieces.
250 diamond

Heart Piece
Inside a treasure box to the South Western part of the island.

1. The chest just south of the entrance contains a regular key.
2. 20 Coins at the graveyard with the switch.
3. Heart Piece.
4. 25 XP next to the grave of Cecil.
5. Regular Key behind the double switch locks.
6. 5 bombs inside the chest inside the knight’s tomb before the first switch.
7. 25 coins inside a wall that needed to be bombed.
8. 25 coins in a single room after the ladder.
9. 5 bombs shortly after pushing the block into the space.
10. 5 bombs after the master chest.
11. Bag of gold worth 150 coins behind some plants that need to be bombed.

1. You will find a bloodstone next to the gravekeeper’s house.
2. Next to Cecil’s Grave near the south western of the island.
3. At the far east corner past the second regular key lock.


Graveyard Island — 8 Comments

  1. Found it! In the room with the checkpoint and the pool with the spikes underwater, go to the left and up the ramp and bomb the rock wall. Then climb the ladder into the hole. There’s some more steps after that, but you’ll find it once you’re down the hole.

  2. Hey there,

    i’m stuck on the 100%-Mark on Graveisland.

    When i’m in the crypt hall, i can see two chests on the minimap. But i don’t know, how to reach them… can anyone help me? thanks!

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