Walkthrough Overview

This guide will be an overview on where to go to unlock what throughout your quest. Please note that this will be a very simple overview with description on when to do what. If you would like a more detailed walkthrough, please check out the individual islands.

Please note that this guide is a work in progress.

Hermit Island
This marks the start of your adventure. You will obtain a Sword and Shield and embark on your journey.

Tikarel Island
Ask direction here and get the location of Sandbar and Withered Lands.

Collect two bloodstones.

Withered Lands
Get the location of Bomb Island.

Bomb Island
Unlock bomb.

Withered Lands
Save Rigger and obtain first spell.

Great Forest
Obtain Earth Emblem, unlock bows and arrows.

Hermit Island
Collect cube for the Hermit.

Tikarel Island
Protect the island and start fireworks. Get the location of 3 additional islands.

Visit Reef and get two easy bloodstones.

Southwind Isle
Visit Southwind Isle and save the honey man. Take the pot of Honey to Gillfork’s Drop.

Gillfolk’s Drop
Learn the location of Skerry on the beach. And learn about Old Fortress in front of Cavern of Fire. Beat Cavern of Fire to obtain Fire Spell. Beat Frozen Palace and get the Trencher Boots.

Obtain bloodstone.

Riptide Reef
Obtain the Coral Saber.

Old Fortress
Obtain the Ice Spell.

Hermit Island
Head back to the Hermit and fulfill his item fetch requests.

Sky Island
Defeat the Shadow Mesmoroth.

Graveyard Island
Obtain Cure Spell

Home Island
Obtain bloodstones.

Arcadian Ruins
Defeat the final boss and finish the game!


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  1. I’m trying to figure out how to get carol reef on my map I believe that I did not talk to rigger and trying to get there to get the coral saber I just must have missed something and would like a different solution for obtaining the coral reef on my map

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