Gillfolk’s Drop

After obtaining the honey from Southwind Isle, you are ready for your next adventure.

Island’s Challenge
Frutti Di Terra: Ship an item to another island.
100 Diamonds.

Fire Walk with Me: Melt objects 15 times using fire spell.
25 Diamonds.

Seasnake: Swim 500 Meters
25 Diamonds.

Heart Piece
After you get the trencher boot, head back out to the Gillfolk’s home base. Although you can wait until you kill the king and walk back in. You will have to get to the heart piece from the puzzle where you drop three separate blocks onto the spike. Walk on top of the gate to get the heart piece on a sea shell.

Blood Diamond
Frozen palace has three blood diamonds:
1. The first one is in the main room north eastern corner next to the puzzle where a chest appears in between two blocks.
2. Chancellor’s room, the room to the left of the frozen place when you enter. You will need the trencher boot to access it.
3. Gillfork’s home base, when you first enter you can bomb down a wall near the entrance. You will need the jump ability.

First Visit

During the first map you will will have to use both your arrow power and force spell to unlock the doors. Now be very careful when you kill the monsters in this stage, you do not want to accidentally throw away your honey pot Then next hopefully you still have the honey pot with you. .

After giving the honey pot to the fish man, you will be allowed to enter their fortress base.

It should note that the north western beach has a message in a bottle showing you the location of the Skerry

Cavern of Fire
One of the old fish man near the back of their home base will tell you a story and give you a key. Use the key to open the entrance to the Cavern of Fire. Note that you do not get to the entrance directly. You will have to jump off the island and swim to the south western platform.

You will see a clue: A door will open, when a wooden bird with a metal beak flies over the Dragon’s Head. Use the arrow to hit the target above the door to pass.

Now in front of the Cave, you will see a note saying that you will obtain something useful at Old Fortress. However, you can obtain the Fire spell inside Cavern of Fire without the Old Fortress. So continue on.

If you are stuck inside the Cavern of Fire. There are a couple of things that may make you stuck.

1. The three block puzzle at the beginning. You can push the two blocks on the side forward and push the middle one to the right or left.

2. Use the arrows to light up the torches that are not lit. You will have to use “steady arms” to shoot straight.

3. Use the bomb to explode the room with a single treasure. The wall can be broken.

4. Push the blocks correctly so that you can access the wooden bridge to the right, however, make sure you can access the locked room as well.

5. After you obtain the Fire Spell, you can use it to light up one of the torch to the right as a short cut to exit the Cavern.

With fire spell handy, now you are ready to tackle the Frozen Palace.

Frozen Palace
Your Fire spell is going to come handy for the stage. Head back to the back of level where the old Gillfolk gave you the key. Go to the back to melt some frozen blocks and you are good to go. It should note that your Fire Spell can damage the cold breathing demon and remove its mask.

Head to the locked room on the right of palace after you have obtained your first key.

Most of the puzzles are pretty straight forward, if you are stuck with a missing key, consider use the Fire Spell to break down the frozen fence to find a gap. Also, you can toss vases to open switches if you are stuck.

The key for the stage is to obtain the Trencher Boot. With the trencher boot now you can jump on blocks.

Dead King Angler fighting tips: If you are having a hard time killing the king, the key is to prepare the battle field first. Push a block to the left to the right so that you form a little gap that you can jump. Your goal is to use the fire from the button to let King Angler show its weakness. Lure the king into the fire pillar to reveal its weakness, than whack him hard with your sword.

After getting everything, you are done with the island. Now if you have not done so. Head to Tikarel to obtain a heart if you have more than 1000 coins. Then head to Riptide Reef for your next weapon.


Gillfolk’s Drop — 19 Comments

  1. I got a question. I have lost my honey and I am not able to buy a new one. What can I do? Or how can I buy a new one? Please help me quickly !

  2. I found it, there is a place in the main hall where you have to jump blocks using the boots to get the the chest. the controls are a bit tricky at this part but eventually I got it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I need a little help. I’m inside the ice palace and used the key on the left door and not the right. I’m not sure how to progress.

    • I had the same issue! I wrote the developers and found out… Use magic and the rising blocks to get where you need to (coldest place of the dragons breathe)… Haven’t tried yet, but glad I’m not stuck!!

  4. How do you cast spells? I have the spells but can’t cast them. I can chose the shield,bomb and arrows. I am trying to melt the ice to throw the log out of the way. I was able to cast the spell by accident once but them couldn’t melt the ice on the switch so I stopped because I was frustrated!

  5. I completed the game to the point of wanting to max my stats before attacking oceanhorn. I returned to gillfolks drop to get my last heart piece (from on top of the large shell). In doing so in the room where you drop the crates into the spiked holes I managed to find myself on the wrong side of the gate (right) and reset the crates so that the gate shut behind me. As I am on the wrong side of the gate I cannot move the crates back into the holes to reopen the gate. Is there another way out of the frozen palace? …or a way to reopen the spiked gate? Thanks

    • Same problem. Stuck on the wrong side of the gate in Deep Cove having triggered it and unable to open it. Is there another way out of the frozen palace? Thanks. Rich, did you find an answer?

  6. I’m stuck in the Frozen Palace. I got the Trencher Boots, but the door what I left open is now closed. The coldest spot chest with the key is empty, i have no other way out… I guess it’s a bug, but it’s hard to believe. Please help me if possible! I tried restart, dying, coldest spot, nothing helped. Actually I can see on the map, that the chest with the other key in the main room is closed now, so i guess i’m absolutely helpless. Such a shame.

  7. Ok- so returned to gilfolks drop after completing the level; didn’t have honey so snuck past the chick at the gate using the bombable entrance to the right (up and over) – realising I got stuck i went to the ice palace to try and exit that way and in doing so used all my keys. I am now stranded on this level and need help getting the heck out of there; has this happened anybody else?

  8. Gillfolks Drop. I blew up the crate that I was suppose to push to get off the island and back to my boat. Now Iโ€™m stuck and canโ€™t go anywhere. Solution please?

  9. Question,I didn’t get the first block puzzle right, but can’t find the reset button. I love this game but hopefully I won’t have to start all over. I heard there could be a bug.

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