Sky Island

You automatically get to Sky Island after you get the weather cuckoo to the hermit.

Island Challenge
Blast’em: Kill an enemy with a laser beam
100 diamonds.

Scholar: Study the Arcadian History
250 Diamonds.

Champion from Below: Clear the entrance to Grand Core
500 Diamonds

1. Next to the statue: 3 Arrows
2. Shortly inside the locked cave, you will find 10 bombs.
3. Turn left after you get in Grand Core for 10 bombs.

1. Accessible when you first arrive on the island. Use the bomb to blast the path to the platform below.
2. Turn right shortly after you enter the Grand Core.
3. Inside the room where you get the Shield of Cronos, near the bottom right where you have to use jump to get to.
4. After you turn on the cooling fluid. (Pass the laser beam reflection), it will be next to the key chest.

Your Visit
Remember to look through the scope and unlock the location to Home Island, Graveyard Island, and Old Fortress if you haven’t.

Light up the torches inside the study and stand in front of the statue for the treasure to drop. Once you get through to the locked door, push the statue to the corner.

While inside the cave. Use the bomb to blow up some dirt some that you can move the box.

Grand Core
If you are stuck inside Grand Core, consider using the bomb to blow up the left path so that you can jump across.

To get the shield of Cronos, you will need to hit the switches, there is another switch that doesn’t usually look like one. You will have to be really fast to jump through the pillars. Consider prepare the field and toss the vases instead of using force spell.

With the shield of Cronos, you can use it to reflect the light and laser beam inside the room with two fire status and laser.

-Cooling Room.
If you are stuck here and cannot get the treasure box to appear. Consider back tracking to the other side of the room. There is a button where you have to place a vase so that the the chest appears and stays. The game calls it “Emergency” key.

Shadow Mesmeroth:
Below are some tips if you are having trouble defeating the boss.

Phase 1: The Shadow Mesmeroth will launch a fireball towards you. Simply put up your shield to reflect the fireball. When the boss gets damage by the fire ball, he will hide in three energy balls, you will have to find the right one to deal tons of damage.

Phase 2: Shadow Mesmeroth stand away to heal while laser cannons start shooting at you. Run to all four corners to stop the engine from running.

Phase 3: He stars shooting two fire balls at the time, use the same tactic as phase 1.


Sky Island — 21 Comments

  1. I’m stuck in sky island. I have the shield, I just need the master key. Im in the cooling water room but I cant figure out how to make the last chest appear. What am I missing? Thanks

    • Hello! We have a added some short sentences that may help you out. There is a switch where you have to place a vase on top to trigger the chest with the key.

  2. Hi, I am in the middle of defeating mesmeroth and i have the tiniest bit left to kill him and i have been repelling his fireballs back at him constantly for about 10 mins and he is not splitting into any energy balls. I have gone through the stages you have outlined above, and now i am in this constant repelling fireballs stage and i dont know how to finish it! please help xxx

  3. How do I get the chests behind the blocked path in the grand core? In the room where you move the blocks to lower the gate. There’s a block that I assume you have to push from the opposite side.

    • I’m having the same problem. How did you get past it? Also did anyone notice the hole above the storm shelter? How do I get to that?

  4. I have returned to sky island, I have beaten mesmeroth, I’m now stuck, can’t access anywhere other than grand core and outside, the other area is blocked off, please help

    • im having the same issue what did u do to get off …some how those blocks are up and i cant get them down to get back to my boat

  5. Gillfolks Drop. I blew up the crate that I was suppose to push to get off the island and back to my boat. Now I’m stuck and can’t go anywhere. Solution please?

  6. I’m having glitches when fighting the shadows in sky island… Mesmeroth is barely visible and doesn’t move (Oceanhorn on ipad/apple tv). Can you issue a patch?

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