Southwind Isle

You find out the location of this island after Tikarel fireworks festival.

Island Challenge:
Sticky Finger: Collect 1000 Coins

Shish-Kebab: Kill an enemy with a burning arrow.

Faith of Honey Man: Find out what happened to Honey Man.

The main purpose of this island is for you to unlock the sale of Honey by saving the Honey man. The hardest part for the island is to solve the puzzle.

The key is to move all the blocks to the south western corner to form a bridge. The solution of the puzzle will look something like this:

Southwind Isle Puzzle Solution

After which the man will reward you with a pot of honey. Now do not toss this honey pot away. You will have to carry it all the way to your next destination. IF you do accidentally toss it, you can buy it back at Tikarel store for 100 coins (that’s 100 coins down the drain if you mess up.

Now head to Gillfork’s Drop.


Southwind Isle — 7 Comments

  1. If you go through the wind powered gate to the sand and turn right and go up the stairs there is a treasure chest in the northeast corner of the map. Has anyone figured out how to reach it? I’ve searched every inch of the map and can’t figure out how to get to it. Thanks in advance for the help!

  2. You can reach that treasure by going through the main cave (where the honey man is). There is a place where you need the boots to jump a gap. Go over that gap and find treasures galore and don’t lose heart.

  3. How do you flip the switch inside the cave? I have bombed everything hoping that will open something I need, searched everything, but I can not figure out how to flip the switch that is on another land mass separated by such a long open space of air?

  4. What about the big fish on Southwind Isle that you only find after you get the boots? It’s driving me crazy!

    I’ve tried bombing from inside the cave, freezing the water, dropping things on it, all to no avail. Everywhere you try to fish tells you, you can’t fish there. I thought maybe you could lower the water level somehow…

    Is it meant to drive you crazy or can you catch it?

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