Great Forest

Island Challenges:
Secret Sword Art: Try the skill attack for the first time.
25 Diamond
Bomber Archeologist: Use bombs to break walls 10 times.
75 Diamond
Fabled Gardener: Lift the curse from the Forest Shrine.
100 Diamond

Heart Piece:
You will have a shot to obtain the heart piece after you obtain the bow and arrow. Head back to Forest Shrine “Outside” to where the two treasure boxes are. Use your arrow to hit one of the target to drop the water level. You can then obtain the new heart piece.

Boss Fights Tips
Guardian: To beat Guardian easily, simply use your skilled sword attacks. Hold down attack and release when your in battle position.

Turmo’s Arm: Use shield and block Turmo’s arm advances towards you. Wait for when the mini boss to prepare it’s attack. You can attack the boss without getting hurt yourself.

Turmos the Evil Overgrowth: Now you are fighting your first real boss. This boss can take a while. The safest route is to take down each of the arms slowly to deal minor damage to the boss. However, if you have plenty of health and ammos, consider taking out all of the arms. The boss will start sucking the air around, keep your distance and use yours bombs on him. When you get sucked in you will take 2.5 heart damage so be very careful.

After killing the boss, Rigger will show up and say that he will move in to settle in the forest. Talk to him again to get the location of the Riptide Riff. Lastly, once you set sail the hermit messages you via the shell. Visit the Hermit’s Island again.


Great Forest — 3 Comments

  1. Hey there, I’m at the forest shrine and made the bad mistake that I moved the box in the last part of the cave too far.I can’t find a reset button for this box, so is this the end for me?!please help me

    • Yep, there’s nothing you can do. The boots would let you jump over, but you can’t get those until after Turmos. The only way you can beat the game now is to start over.

      • Actually, you can fix this. Go to the area in question and then leave the forest shrine. Exit the game and then close the task on your iPad. Connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes. Select your iPad and then choose Apps. Scroll down to Oceanhorn and you will see a list of files on the right-hand side. The file in question is either S1-9-1-shrine1-state.dat or S1-9-1-shrine2-state.dat. Maybe you can look at the timestamp and determine which of those you were just at in the game. At any rate, save both of these files to your computer so you can restore them if something goes wrong. After you have saved them from your computer, delete them from your iPad.

        These are state files, meaning they represent the state of the area. If these files are absent, the first time you go into that area, it will act as though you have never been in that area before. All doors will be locked. All chests will be closed. All objects will be unmoved.

        I hope this helps.

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