Tikarel Island

Island Challenges:
Hard Worker: Move Crates and other objects 100 times.
25 Diamond
Town Sheriff: Protect the Peace in Tikarel.
500 Diamond
Hey, Big Spender: Spend 2000 coins in the shop.
500 Diamond


Heart Piece:
Accessible via the Crayfish Cave after you obtain the trencher boots, you need to exit the cave to the other side of the beach.

Accessible via the Crayfish Cave after you obtain the trencher boots, you need to exit the cave to the other side of the beach.
You can access the shop NPC at the middle of the island. He sells
Health, Mana, Bomb Refill, Arrow Refill, and Heart Container.

First Visit: Asking Directions.
There is not much to do with your first visit to the island. You will need to talk to man wondering around the middle of the island. He will mention Withered Lands which reveals its location to you on the world map.

Head near the beach at the south east corner, and you will see a message in a bottle which unlocks Sandbar island.

Near the cave to the beat, you will see a fish man who asks you to collect bloodstones and give them to him.

Second Visit: Humming Hill Fireworks.
Upon entering the City, a girl will give you a key to ask you to go to Humming Hill and set off the fireworks. Head to the north eastern corner and enter the cave.

Note that you can use a bomb inside the cave to reveal two bloodstones in the area.

Upon arriving on the hilltop. You will have another mini boss battle against Dark Disciple. Use your skilled sword + shield attacks to take him down quite easily.

After defeating the fireworks, you will unlock the location of Gillfolk’s Drop and Southwind Isle.

Now you can also get the location of Reef by bombing the entrance into the Crayfish Cavern at the southern west of the island. There is another message in a bottle outside the cave lying on the beach.

Head out to Southwind Isle first to safe the Honey man.


Tikarel Island — 22 Comments

    • I’m having the same problem. I tried lighting a stool and a barrel and touching them to the fireworks. I also tried firing arrows through the fire… Nothing works…

      • Yeah is this a problem with the game?! I actually left the island after the girl began to follow me. I have yet to find her since. I’ve beaten the boss but I’m afraid I can’t progress anymore in the game because I can’t find the girl who originally followed me.

    • Same problem here…

      Was that girl at the start supposed to follow you? She followed me once I think, but then I fell down somewhere and she got stuck. Now she stands at the entrance again, but she doesn’t follow me up the hill.
      After I defeat the boss nothing happens…

      • I’m basically in the same boat. Girl followed me, I left the island. Came back and now she’s nowhere to be found. Beat the boss, but can’t trigger the fireworks. Am I stuck now? Is this a glitch in the game?

  1. On the south eastern section of the island the min-map shows a chest where there is not one visible on the shore (just east of the entrance to the blood-stone collector) how do you make it appear?

  2. Yep similar situation, defeated the apostle already but can’t get the neeta the girl to follow me- she is stuck at the veg patch and speech bubble appears but wont interact…completely stuck now and cant move on

  3. I am also stuck in tikarel. No girl with a key, therefore I cannot beat any boss or access that side of the beach. Ugh it is sickening because I paid for it.

  4. Okay, so after I’ve unlocked the Arcadian ruins I returned to tikarel to have this kid talking about a book and another island he can’t remember the name of (of course) where is the book? I’ve searched the island twice for houses and even hidden areas and can’t seem to find it.

    • Once you finish Sky Island the old book appears in Tikerel. You can find it on top of the light post next to the adventures guild.

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