Hermit Island Walkthrough

Being the introduction island of the game, the Hermit Island is pretty easy to beat.

Island Challenges:
Pocket Money: Collect your first 25 coins.
25 Diamond

Smart Guy: Read at least 10 signs.
25 Diamond.

Not Far From Tree: Get father’s sword and shield.
50 Diamond.


Heart Piece:
Available after you receive the Master Key from the Hermit.

Puzzle Solutions:
Simply place two rocks onto the buttons to receive the necklace, sword, and shield.

First Visit:
This is a simple tutorial stage teaching you the basics of the game. Simply explore the island a little bit. After the scene with the black boat and saving the Hermit. He will give you the Master Key and you will be on your adventure. The first stop is to go to Tikarel Island to ask for directions.

Second Visit:
The second visit happens after the Great Forest. You have received a message to come back to the Island. Talk to the hermit first and he will ask you to jump down a well. Circle back to the other side of the hill, you will have to enter the cave from the other side of the island to get up. Then jump down directly into the well like if you jump into the holes.

After the visit, you will go to Tikarel Island.

Third Visit
Hermit asks you back to the island. Talk to him twice and start collecting items for him. You will need Stool (obtained near his house). A travel bed which is the green futon near your tent if you haven’t moved it. Next is a burning firebowl. The burning firebowl can be obtained from the mini dungeon inside the well.

The last item is the Weather Cuckoo, you can obtain it on top one of the house in Tikarel Island. However, before you gave the Hermit the final item, make sure that you get all the heart pieces first to make your journey a little easier.


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  1. Still trying to figure that one out:/.
    Anyone wonder why there are two hermits after you beat the game? One at the grave and one on top of the cliff on standing on the blanket

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